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    Bathroom Vanities

    All About Classic Bathroom Vanities

    Choosing a vanity is an important task that can create a well put together bathroom style. When having to decide between the many styles of bathroom vanities on the market, here are several reasons to consider purchasing classic bathroom vanities.

    What Sets Classic Bathroom Vanities Apart?

    There are many types of bathroom vanities on the market, making individual customization of a bathroom very easy to do. Thankfully, classic bathroom vanities are no longer limited to the boxy kitchen cabinet style popular 20+ years ago. The wood that makes up the vanity is truly what sets it apart as being classic. The wood may be lighter and therefore brighten up a space, or a rich stain that complements a variety of home decor designs. Some classic bathroom vanities feature cupboards that are carved with beautiful details reminiscent of a fancy furniture piece complete with shaped legs and kick boards. Others portray the traditional boxy cabinets, but offer an updated look with trim details, and trendy hardware.

    Why Choose Classic Bathroom Vanities?

    Classic bathroom vanities are timeless additions to a home. Choosing a contemporary or modern style vanity for a bathroom may seem like a great idea when renovating for an individual preference, however, when the time comes for a property to be sold, will the decor still be trendy? The current minimalist trend often reflected in modern and contemporary styles offer shelves and open concept storage that may not be appropriate for the needs of a family. Even within classic styles, there are many options for sinks, and pairing a classic bathroom vanity with a modern sink can be quite beautiful.

    How Much Do Classic Bathroom Vanities Cost?

    Classic bathroom vanities come in a variety of different price points. Differences in price depend not only upon the size of the vanity, but also the type of materials used to craft them and the details each offer. Simple designs that fit one sink can be found for a couple hundred dollars, but some of the more detailed double sink vanities made from higher quality materials can easily rise into the thousands of dollars range.

    When it is time to shop, look into the classic style and see not only how it has been updated, but also see how it is timeless and beautiful, for many years to come.

    The bathroom vanity is often the center of your bathroom. It is the first thing people notice and it often draws attention to itself. At Exotic Bath Expo we provide you with an immense selection of vanities to fit any taste and budget. With choices in both traditional and contemporary styles, as well as a multitude of colors and sizes, you are bound to find the perfect vanity for your bathroom. We make it easy to sort the vanities by brand, price, or size so you can quickly and efficiently find the vanity that will fit your needs. Browse our vanities today!
    Some unique features of our bathroom vanity include Undermount sinks, self-rimming models, vessel bowl sinks and many other such features. We have the latest vanity models that come with both marble and granite tops along with the splash side panels and elaborate sinks with cabinets.
    In addition to this our bathroom vanities come with plenty of other customized features. You can alter or modify any additional features for your needs. We assure you that you will receive the best customer support and service in selection of a bathroom vanity for your bathroom based on your budget and requirements. You may also like to browse our complete range of bathroom accessories available in our store.

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