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  • Made In The USA - Fire Magic


    Fire Magic Grills are the perfect addition to your luxurious backyard setting. Summer fun and good times start with family, friends, and a good grill.  Fire Magic Grills have been made in the USA for over 75 years. These grills should be in everyone's backyard and they are truly the epitome of backyard cooking. Fire Magic Grills are now available at Exotic Home Expo: just in time to give you a great grilling experience this summer.

  • Go Green: Vidrepur Mosiacs - Luxury Eco Design


    Glass mosaics are used for many different things including kitchen backsplashes, pools, shower bases, art, and more. The Vidrepur Pearl Collection is one of the top of the line mosaics. This unique design style gives your project a 3D "bubble" look. However, looks and design are not all that this mosaic offers. This mosaic is eco-friendly because it is made out of 99% recycled materials. These mosaics help reduce the negative environmental effects that construction often times causes. This mosaic gives the best of both worlds: luxurious and innovative design, as well as eco-friendliness.

  • Barbecue Season Is Here!


    With the summer months almost here barbecue season is starting. Time to bring out the food and drinks and start spending more time outside. To enhance your outdoor cooking experience, it might be time to replace the old grill or get one if you never had one. At Exotic Home Expo we carry many brands of grills such as FireMagic, Delta Heat, Broilmaster, Primo, Vermont Castings, American Outdoor Grill, Swiss Grills, and Twin Eagles. There are coal grills, natural gas grills, and liquid propane grills. With such a selection to choose from you will be able to find a grill that will fit your style and your budget. The summer heat is approaching fast so why not get a new grill for this year's summer?

  • Getting Ready For Warmer Weather With Swiss Grills


    With the winter in full swing and spring and summer rapidly approaching there has never been a better time to get ready for the warmer weather with a new grill. BBQ has long been an American pastime with many long summer evenings spent with family and friends in the yard cooking BBQ.

    At Exotic Home Expo we carry top of the line modern style Swiss Grills that will accommodate all your outdoor cooking needs. From grilling to cooking on side burners these grills are sure to make you the master outdoor chef and the most talked about one out of all your friends.

    Let our expert sales staff help you find a grill that will fit your needs and your budget!

  • Classic Fireplaces For The Modern Home

    tqhkheqktngsrd9hwbzc4wjdc7dd1estz657mow238qzc1mhstctcbwdtcpjhhptc_2The fireplace can be the centerpiece of a living room or family room. It adds warmth and coziness to the home and can be a great addition to any design. Many people are hesitant to put a classic fireplace in their home because they are skeptical of having to purchase, chop, and burn firewood.

    At Exotic Home Expo we are providing a solution by offering our customers classic look and feel fireplaces that burn using natural gas or liquid propane. With all the different manufacturers and style options available you can pick a gas fireplace that will fit your taste and your budget.

    With gas fireplaces from Exotic Home Expo, you can stay warm in the winter while adding a classic design element to your home.

  • The Perfect Holiday Gift: Ventless Fireplaces


    Ventless fireplaces are a great addition to any home and this holiday season they make the perfect gift. These fireplaces run on ethanol fuel and they do not require a ventilation system. They can be applied in almost any room in the house: bathroom, kitchen, living room. den, etc. The design element of these sleek and modern fireplace units makes an impeccable addition to the look and feel of your home. In addition to the design, these fireplace units will add warmth to any room. With easy use and installation you can still buy one of these fireplace in time for the cold holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book, a comfortable chair, and warm up in front of a ventless ethanol fireplace.

  • Glow In The Dark Mosaic

    Luminiscente-3Glow in the dark mosaics from Vidrepur Glass Mosaic are a new addition to the home improvement industry. This design element is a unique addition to any pool or fountain. This tile has been used in many nightclubs, pools, fountains, bars, restaurants, etc. When applied this mosaic tile provides a very futuristic feel. When the mosaic glows in the dark at places such as bars and restaurants it adds a galactic element to the venue and is unlike any other tile design. Use these glow in the dark mosaics in your home or any other venue to add a design element like no other.

  • Lighting

    1063-bl-beLight has always been an essential part of human life. Before electricity was invented people's schedule would revolve around light. Now with electricity in most homes we are able to schedule our days how we choose. Lighting is not only a very important time teller and scheduler, but it is a major piece of your decor. Design should never be compromised in exchange for practicality. Choose between pendants, flush mounts, or sconces, to make sure that the lighting fixture you choose is the perfect compliment to your interior design. For outdoor solutions you have many choices that will not only add to the design of the exterior of your home, but will add important practicality and allow you to spend time outside with family and friends even when it gets dark outside. So let Exotic Home Expo illuminate your next home improvement project.

  • Kitchen Cabinets


    The kitchen is arguably the most used room in the house. People eat there and cook there and they often do it as a family. Cooking is not just the act of preparing food, but it is an art form and even a social event. Many great memories have started in the kitchen. An essential part of any kitchen are the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are the storage utility in your kitchen and they are what keeps the mess and clutter off of the counters. Kitchen cabinets can come in many different designs, finishes, and colors. It is never difficult to find something that will fit your taste and your budget. With many new upgrades such as soft close hinges, automatic closing hinges, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, crystal handles, other cabinet hardware, and many more, kitchen cabinets are advancing very rapidly. Think about installing a kitchen cabinet with an integrated wine rack and sit down and enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

  • Interior doors


    Interior doors are an essential part of any home. They are the entrance into a new room, a new environment. Doors can come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials, and can compliment any decor or design. While doors have been around for centuries, it is only as of late that designers, builders, and architects have begun to use them as an addition to a home's design. Interior doors can be solid or have spaces for glass inserts. They can be plain colors or intricate designs. This essential part of a home is often overlooked. However, with many companies looking into the production of designer and high class interior doors, they won't be overlooked for much longer.

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