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    • Perfect For Summer: Pool Tiles & Mosaics

      _DSC4294_ What better to do in the summer than enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool. With all the different choices of pool designs around it could be a headache trying to figure out where to start. One great way to make your pool look more luxurious is to add mosaic tile around the pool. The mosaic "frame" will give your pool a professional and luxurious look. The mosaics will transform your backyard pool into a pool straight out of a five star resort. Get your pool project started today! Check out our selection of mosaics here!
    • Get Ready For Summer: Outdoor Fireplaces

      8c1d60f0eca88f422c4f1f5ecb5771a5 With summer rapidly approaching, it is time to start thinking about how to spruce up the backyard to get it ready for delicious BBQ, family and friends, and endless summer memories. There are few better ways to increase the appeal of any backyard than with an addition of an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces add modern and luxurious elements to your backyard's design. Outdoor fireplaces create a cozy and warm summer atmosphere on those late summer nights. An outdoor fireplace is sure to keep everyone warm on the nights when it starts to get chilly. Making s'mores on an outdoor fireplace is sure to become a favorite of the entire family! Adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard is sure to make it the favorite summer spot of all your family and friends. Get ready for summer and shop for outdoor fireplaces here!
    • Construction & Installation Team

      Having top of the line luxury fixtures and materials is only half the battle when it comes to renovating your home. Materials and fixtures without high quality construction lose their look, style, and purpose. With so many options of professionals to choose from it is very hard to know where to start. At Exotic Home Expo we make it simple. Our professional, licensed, and insured team will turn your dream home into a reality. Our team tackles jobs of any caliber. From bathrooms to kitchens to entire homes our team can do it all. There is no need to take our word for it: talk to our past customers and look at pictures from past jobs (picture above) and be convinced for yourself that Exotic Home Expo's construction team is the best choice for your renovation. There is no need to spend countless hours doing research. Exotic Home Expo is your one stop shop! Buy materials, hire a construction team, and make your dream come true! Click Here to contact Exotic Home Expo with any questions.
    • Beat The Cold. Install A Fireplace.

      What better way to beat the cold than to install a new fireplace? A gas fireplace is the perfect addition to any home regardless of the design style. There are fireplaces that will fit all needs: modern, classical, etc. Fireplaces are not only an addition of warmth but they are also a very useful design element. A fireplace can make your house look more elegant and luxurious and can even be the centerpiece of attention in many rooms. Gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes and there are options that fit different budgets. So during this cold winter: install a gas fireplace in your home and stay warm! View our entire collection of gas fireplaces by clicking here
    • Tiles: A Luxurious Look

      Painting the walls of your bathroom are a thing of the past. Putting tiles on the walls of the bathroom is a much more practical application. Tiles are easy to clean and they will not absorb water. Tiles are also not affected by the humidity in most bathrooms. In addition to practicality, tiles provide an extremely luxurious look wether the bathroom is done in a modern or classic style. The large variety of styles, colors, and manufacturers provides a large selection of tiles to choose from, making it easy to pick a tile that will work with the overall design of the bathroom.
    • Cold Winters Call For Warm Cozy Home

      With the summer ending and fall coming up, many are reminded about the harsh cold winter of last year. While the cool temperatures and the sparkly white snow are a refreshing thought, they go hand in hand with the picture of a cozy warm home. The late summer months and early fall months are a great time to install a fireplace to keep your home cozy and warm in the winter. There are fireplaces to accommodate every time of home setup. Gas fireplaces are great for anyone who has a gas line to power their fireplace. Someone who is l looking for a more traditional feel can install a wood fireplace or a wood stoveEthanol fireplaces are great for people who want an alternative to gas fireplaces and wood fireplaces. Install a fireplace today and be ready to come inside from the cold, cozy up by the fire, warm up, & relax.
    • Made In The USA - Fire Magic

      fire_magic_echelon_diamond_closed_view_1 Fire Magic Grills are the perfect addition to your luxurious backyard setting. Summer fun and good times start with family, friends, and a good grill.  Fire Magic Grills have been made in the USA for over 75 years. These grills should be in everyone's backyard and they are truly the epitome of backyard cooking. Fire Magic Grills are now available at Exotic Home Expo: just in time to give you a great grilling experience this summer.
    • Go Green: Vidrepur Mosiacs - Luxury Eco Design

      detalle-difiere-rojo Glass mosaics are used for many different things including kitchen backsplashes, pools, shower bases, art, and more. The Vidrepur Pearl Collection is one of the top of the line mosaics. This unique design style gives your project a 3D "bubble" look. However, looks and design are not all that this mosaic offers. This mosaic is eco-friendly because it is made out of 99% recycled materials. These mosaics help reduce the negative environmental effects that construction often times causes. This mosaic gives the best of both worlds: luxurious and innovative design, as well as eco-friendliness.
    • Barbecue Season Is Here!

      e660s_62_1 With the summer months almost here barbecue season is starting. Time to bring out the food and drinks and start spending more time outside. To enhance your outdoor cooking experience, it might be time to replace the old grill or get one if you never had one. At Exotic Home Expo we carry many brands of grills such as FireMagic, Delta Heat, Broilmaster, Primo, Vermont Castings, American Outdoor Grill, Swiss Grills, and Twin Eagles. There are coal grills, natural gas grills, and liquid propane grills. With such a selection to choose from you will be able to find a grill that will fit your style and your budget. The summer heat is approaching fast so why not get a new grill for this year's summer?
    • Getting Ready For Warmer Weather With Swiss Grills

      z650_front_1 With the winter in full swing and spring and summer rapidly approaching there has never been a better time to get ready for the warmer weather with a new grill. BBQ has long been an American pastime with many long summer evenings spent with family and friends in the yard cooking BBQ. At Exotic Home Expo we carry top of the line modern style Swiss Grills that will accommodate all your outdoor cooking needs. From grilling to cooking on side burners these grills are sure to make you the master outdoor chef and the most talked about one out of all your friends. Let our expert sales staff help you find a grill that will fit your needs and your budget!

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