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    • The Bathroom Vanity

      fvn8030tk-2t_1 The bathroom vanity is often the centerpiece of your bathroom design. It is what catches the eye as you walk in and often the last thing used and seen as you walk out. Selecting a bathroom vanity can often be stressful due to the many options and varieties available. Picking the correct vanity is actually easier than it seems. The most important thing you have to do is figure out what size of vanity you need. Once the size of the vanity is decided on, another important factor is storage space. Do you need three drawers, or can you go with one shelf instead? Once you know these two pieces of information, the rest is pretty much aesthetics. Pick the shape and design, pick the color, pick the style. The possibilities are endless. Find the perfect vanity for your bathroom by matching it to your tile. You can also contrast it from the tile for a bold and daring look. Install your bathroom vanity to round out your entire bathroom decor.
    • Selecting a Shower Door

      p_3_6 With all the shower door and enclosure options available on the market finding a place to start can be a giant hassle. To simplify this process we break down all the options and choices. To start you should measure the size of your opening in order to know which size shower door to look for. Once a size is selected the next step is selecting an opening type such as pivot or sliding. Pivot doors open outwards and are typically on a hinge, while sliding doors slide on a track or a bar to provide an opening. Afterwards choose your hardware finish and your glass type. Chrome finish tends to be the popular and most budget friendly option, while clear glass takes the cake for the glass type. After considering all these options you are now fully equipped to buy a shower door!
    • Axor Starck Organic Collection

      37__apa00384_tif   Hansgrohe's luxury brand, Axor, released the Starck Organic Collection. This bath collection is unlike any other. With it's sleek curves it provides a unique and not replicable design. Its light on the environment with its low water consumption and its minimalistic design is perfect for any bathroom. Designer Philippe Starck provides you with this magnificent bathroom fixture, that is more a work of art than anything else.
    • The Benefits of Shower Panels

      3EAFZHbThere are many benefits to purchasing a shower panel from Exotic Home Expo. We begin by examining the aesthetic features of shower panels. Their sleek and modern design provides a highlight to your bathroom and accents all the other aspects of your bathroom design. By having everything in one sleek "column" you are adding a crisp and clean look to your shower. Shower panels also have a lot of functional benefits. By installing a shower panel you are essentially turning your bathroom into an in home spa. Go from a relaxing rain shower to a stimulating jet massage with the turn of a knob. The hand shower allows you to aim the water exactly where you need it to be, while the tub spot is perfect for filling a tub or washing your feet. Perhaps the most notable benefit of installing a shower panel is that all the plumbing connections are in front of the tile. If you ever have a leak you don't have to worry about breaking tile to fix the connection. The plumbing connections are all in front of the tile and behind the shower panel. Simply take the panel off the wall and you have access to the plumbing connections. shower panels make everything crisp, clean, and simple. Forget the complexity of the standard shower. Put up a shower panel from Exotic Home Expo and get rid of headache and hassles!

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