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    Warmup Snow-Melting Mats 240V All Sizes

    Warmup Snow-Melting Mats 240V All Sizes

    SKU WSMM-D-240V
    Voltage 120V and 240V
    Product Width 2' (61 cm)
    Length from 3' (91.4cm) to 60' (1828.8cm)
    Output Rating ± 50 W/sq ft
    Approvals UL & CSA
    Warranty Warmup® 10-year Warranty
    Ships in Ships in 1-3 Business days

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    Maximum temperature: 464˚F (240˚C)

    Warmup Snow Melting Mats are uniquely designed for snow melting in parking lots, driveways, pavements, stairs, etc. with total safety. Warmup Snow Melting mat systems are heating cables taped to a sturdy mesh for fast, easy installation.

    Snow Melting Mats consists of a twin conductor heating cable taped onto the polypropylene mat. The heating cable is laid in a meandering fashion so that they are equally spaced (3” apart) and evenly distributed on the mat.

    Our Snow Melting Mats are quick and easy to install in concrete, asphalt or under pavers. Our extensive range of mats comes in a 2 foot width, providing 50 watts per square foot. The cable has a layer of shielding and insulation, suitable for low temperatures, UV resistant and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for outdoor use.

    Features and benefits:

    Versatile installation in Asphalt, Concrete or under Pavers

    Cable, fixed to roll-out mat, is quick and easy to install

    Energy efficient twin-conductor heating cable of 1/4” (6mm)

    10-Year Warranty

    Approval: CSA-us

    How To Install:

    Note: Using a multi-meter, an electrician should measure the cable resistance and insulation resistance: (1) before commencing installation, (2) before pouring concrete and (3) after the concrete is poured. Record the readings. If there is damage STOP and ring 1-888-927-6333.

    Step 1 Ensure the paving contractor has a solid base of 4”-8” (102-203mm) of crushed rock aggregate tamped down and ready to receive the mortar pour. Clean the area below the Snow Melt Mat so that it is free from sharp objects. It is extremely important to keep heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles, sharp shovel and rake edges away from the cable to prevent damage.
    Step 2 For locations that require handrails, it is strongly recommended that the concrete installer presleeve for the posts to avoid any and all drilling of the concrete. The Snow Melt Mats cable must be routed around these sleeves/posts to avoid any direct contact with them. The Mat cables must NOT pass through expansion joint locations. Avoid saw-cutting or drilling through cables that are no longer visible beneath the concrete by spray painting lines to mark exactly where expansion joints may be located. Place the mat down on top of the tamped aggregate with the mesh facing up. Stake the mesh firmly into the crushed rock so that it remains flat.
    Step 3 Route the cold lead(s) through rigid PVC or metal conduit(s) to an accessible weatherproof junction box(es). Ensure that none of the heated section enters any conduit. Do not use excess force to pull the cold leads otherwise it may damage the hot-cold splice. Seal the conduit ends.
    Step 4 A ground sensor can be place outside the paved area. When placed within the paved area (recommended), ensure proper measuring and securing for the base of the sensor itself as it should be flush with the final coat of concrete. The sensor can be mounted on a wood or concrete block. A separate conduit should be used to protect the low voltage sensor wire and must NOT be shared with any high voltage cold lead from the mat cables.
    Step 5 Once the conduits & sensor(s) are in place, the mortar can be poured., covering the cables completely without leaving any air pockets, so that the cables are covered by 1.5” (38mm) of mortar but not more than 2“” (51mm).
    Step 6 An electrician MUST complete the final test and record results of all the mat cables readings with a multi-meter and megohmmeter and verify that each mat is in good working order and is ready for energizing once the mortar has cured.

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    Warmup Snow-Melting Mats 240V All Sizes

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